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Most of M.I.A.’s live performances are defined by heavy music, and her sort of jibbering over the lyrics, prancing around, wearing something stupid. This might not go over well on TV. It would be wise of Madonna to minimize M.I.A.’s role in the performance, and not allow her to deliver any live lyrics. Madonna has to know that this could be the beginning of the end of her career, because M.I.A. will stop at nothing to raise her public profile. The Super Bowl might mean everything to a lamestream Middle American, but M.I.A. has to be salivating at the opportunity to be remembered forever as ‘The Brown Girl Who Ruined The Big Football Game’, potentially replacing Janet Jackson if she is willing to show nip.
Why M.I.A. will ruin the Super Bowl. (via thecultureofme)

Factual statement written by @hipsterrunnoff

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