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The xx - Lights EP
Tonight The xx’s brand new EP called “Lights” leaked. It includes “Open Eyes” the track that they previously put on the internet as a demo version. Above is the official cover for the EP and the official release date is April 15th via Young Turks. However, there is still no info as to when their 2nd album is coming out. The new EP is such a banger. As promised their sound is now much more clubbier and clearly inspired by UK bass music. Thank you based Jamie xx!

1. Inhale
2. Oblivion
3. Witches & Panthers 
4. Open Eyes
5. Lights
6. Shadow
7. Exhale 


The fucking Xx!!!


In honor of our success getting #killcarlalready trending last night, we’d like to review:

10 Reasons That The Walking Dead Should Just Kill Carl

  1. Carl, stay in the house.
  2. Seriously, Carl. Stay in the house.
  3. Carl, I don’t want to yell but it’s the middle of the zombie apocalypse and we’re going to need you to stay close by.
  4. Okay, buddy. Can you be a good little sheriff and stay put? I don’t know, guard the living room. Yes, okay here’s a special hat and you are officially on duty to protect the couch cushions. Just stay in the house.
  5. Carl, I’d ground you but it seems a bit trite what with the hordes of Zombies outside trying to eat our faces.
  6. Remember what happened when another little kid wandered off alone? You were here for that. 
  7. It’s great you’re keeping your childish rebellion alive but if one of the bad guys gets you, Daddy is going to have to shoot you in the head. 
  8. Please, Carl. Just stay here. I’ll be right back. Protect the couch cushions. Make some lunch. Get back to doing that math homework we inexplicably cared about 4 episodes ago.
  9. Carl, I’m not fucking around. Please, Carl. Just stay in the house. Do this one fucking thing. Just stay in the house for the next 5 minutes. 


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